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Amy Weinhaus
Amy Weinhaus 5.0

Adam from Castlewood Plumbing was terrific! Very complicated water pressure issue in the house, which he expertly trouble-shooted and diagnosed. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Very clean workmanship. No mess. Explained problem clearly and ...patiently answered all my questions. Highly recommend.Read More...

Scott Wolff
Scott Wolff 1.0

Long story short - technician came out, we talked a bit, i explained the issue. Technician went in to the drain area, came out with an iPad with 3 prices, lowest being $700. At this point I'm stuck since i have to pay the "Service call". Technician ...worked on the clog for less than 45 minutes and was gone. I called and asked for the pricing practices and was given the verbal answer, nothing on paper.. Honest thought on the company was that the technician did fine, work was done and the drain was cleaned out... My issue is with the $700 price tag for less than an hour of time.. This isn't a technician issue, this is an issue with the owners of the company. It the owners are coaching their techs to purposely charge high prices then shame on them.. There are honest companies out there that are hurt by these terrible practices.. I called the company and politely asked for a discount and the company gave me $100 off the bill... SO, i paid $600 for less than an hours worth of time.. Based on discussions with other plumbers, I shouldn't have paid more than $350. Beware of Castlewood Plumbing & Thome Plumbing company, I believe they are one in the same.. Typically when companies are called out for their practices they change their name - I cant say this is what happened but what i can say is the company has two names now... You can be the judge.Read More...

Tom Counts
Tom Counts 1.0

I requested a Castlewood plumbing technician to replace kitchen faucet on 9/2/22. I purchased new faucet in advance of technicians arrival. The technician arrived looked under sink advising me without physical inspection that shut off valves were ...defective and must be replace. They were not leaking. I received two verbal bids from technician thereafter, $512 for faucet replacement, labor only, and $600 to replace shut off valves. Total bid $1120. Technician could not or would not advise timing. I rejected his bid and also request to pay $96 as he would not detail time and cost to support bid. I called another plumber who stopped by in the afternoon. Shut valves were fine, he replaced the faucet in 35 minutes. I paid him $100 for his professional service. Today i received an invoice from Castlewood for $96 and threatened to place lean on my house. Beware of this company.Read More...

Dave Tognoni
Dave Tognoni 5.0

Replaced pressure relief valve and new line for icemaker

Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley 1.0

I don’t understand why the company’s plumber would not use the “peacock” fitting for the refrigerator but would use the plastic hose to connect the refrigerator water line. The day after installing the plastic line, our basement flooded from the ...plastic line rupturing. 😔Read More...

Rich Overman
Rich Overman 5.0

Great working with Adam and Castlewood Plumbing on several plumbing issues. Great work and Adam went the extra mile to fix everything.

Steve Hale
Steve Hale 5.0

Water softener

Steve Schulte
Steve Schulte 5.0
mrinalini d
mrinalini d 1.0

197 dollar charge for a 5 dollar pipe replacement??!!Yeah right!!

Josh Louton
Josh Louton 5.0
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